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A Cure for Gravity

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Mercury Gant climbs aboard his vintage motorcycle and leaves behind his entire life.

So, his journey begins taking him from one coast to the other and from the ghost of a woman without a conscience into the arms of a little girl with his eyes.

Umberto Santana walks out of a bank with $314,000 in stolen cash.

At seventeen, he is only a boy about to embark on a journey where he will discover he is more of a man than he ever thought he could be.

Then there is Graciela.

Beautiful, strong-willed and independent, she is carrying Umberto’s baby.

She loves Umberto with every thread of her being and it is that unconditional love that may ultimately save both Umberto and Gant.

Traveling the same route unknowingly, Gant and Umberto cross paths while “flying without wings” in the middle of a tornado.

Becoming partners, the two sojourners continue together down their road learning about each other, but more importantly, about themselves and the relationships with those they love, have loved, or will come to love.

A novel of love, trust, and transition, A Cure for Gravity is bound tightly together with strands of magic and its workings in everyday life.

It is the story of love’s power to save and a person’s ability to overcome their past.

A Cure for Gravity will leave an indelible mark on the reader’s heart and mind–an impression they won’t soon forget

Book Details

  • Forge Books
  • On Sale: 10-06-2000

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