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Ben and Danielle

A Walk In The Darkness

Cover for the book titled as: A Walk In The Darkness
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1948: An archaeological team in Turkey is slaughtered after making an earth shattering


More than fifty years later, another group of archaeologists, this one made up of Americans, is murdered in the Judean desert. Chief Inspector Danielle Barnea of Israel’s National Police is called in to investigate, accompanied by Palestinian detective Ben Kamal, whose nephew was among the victims.

Joining forces once again, Ben and Danielle are swept into a maelstrom of secrets and subterfuge where truth is the rarest find of all. Together they follow a trail that spans three continents and stretches from the dusty streets of Jericho to the regent corridors of Rome, back to a conspiracy that has remained buried for more than 2,000 years.

Hunted by a secret army and renounced by their own governments, Ben and Danielle close on the solution to a mystery that can destroy them at the same time it changes civilization forever. Their only hope is to find the light that lies at the end of A Walk In the Darkness.

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  • Forge Books
  • On Sale: 04-22-2000