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Accidental Creatures

Cover for the book titled as: Accidental Creatures
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Anne Harris returns with an outstanding look at the near future. Never before has her technological insight been so acute, or her portrayal of sex and gender issues more startling or insightful.

A bio-technology corporation has created a new species, intelligent,

four-armed, humanoid “tetras” who can live in the vats in which “the company” grows biopolymers. Both the tetras and the human vat-divers they were created to replace are at the mercy of vicious corporate politics.

But soon the victims become the aggressors, and something amazing, a transcendent change, occurs not only in their lives, but throughout the world. Anne Harris has created an extraordinary, breathtaking vision of the future.

Book Details

  • Tor Books
  • On Sale: 05-15-1998