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Desperate Crossing

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Jenny Sanders Pryor, brash, impetuous, optimistic, nineteen, and married only seven months, embarked with her husband John, and their adopted seven-year-old child on what they thought would be a wonderful adventure: joining a wagon train along the Oregon Trail. Jenny and John were young and in love and eager to begin their new life together.
And then it happened.

The massacre lasted only a few minutes. Nearly all of the wagon train’s men were out cutting wood, many of them without weapons, and suddenly, two hundred brutal Oglala warriors thundered into the camp. The men were forced to watch the rape and murder of their women and children. Captured, nearly beaten to death, and forced to succumb to slavery, Jenny Sanders Pryor endures a “marriage” to one of the Oglala’s savage chieftains.

But every minute of her captivity, she plans her escape, while John does everything in his power to find her.

Even though there is precious little chance they’ll ever see each other alive again. . .

Book Details

  • Forge Books
  • On Sale: 11-15-1997