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Face To Face With The Unknown

Cover for the book titled as: Face To Face With The Unknown
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The line that divides fiction from fact is not always as clear as it may seem.

Two plus two equals four, right? But what if just once two plus two equaled…five. Hard to believe?


But for the young people whose stories are related here, that is exactly what happened. Each of them experiences something that simply could not be explained.

For instance, two boys forced to spend the night in their car during a bad storm learn the next morning that an eyewitness swears he saw four burly men inside their care scare off a gang. But who were the men? The boys were alone that night. Another time, a teen on the way home from a date comes upon strange alien forms in the road ahead. He chases after them only to discover “humanoid” imprints in the grass. Not even the local sheriff can explain it.

Mysterious sightings, alien encounters, guardian angles, ghostly hauntings, bizarre visitations…In dozens of stories teens relate real-life experiences with the unknown.

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  • Tor Books
  • On Sale: 04-15-2001