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Grand Cru

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In the lusty world of wine, “grand cru” refers to rare velvety vintages of the first rank, the most delectable — and most expensive — wines.

For the wealthy and powerful for whom only the best will do, no price is too high, making the business of fine wine a lucrative one.
But with such succulent profits, along come greed, fraud . . . and maybe even murder.
Clara Morelli is part owner of her family’s small but prestigious Sonoma Valley vineyards, whose grapes produce a rich cabernet of distinction. Bertram Hill, an aggressive corporation of dubious reputation, wants to take over Morelli Vineyards, making juicy offers almost too generous to refuse.

But Clara, and her new lover, wine critic and professional “nose” Henri Lamarque, are suspicious of the weasly would-be buyers’ motives.

Like corked wine, something smells a little “off” about the pushy Bertram Hill people, especially when they will not take “no” for an answer….

Grand Cru is vintage Barney Leason — luscious entertainment of the first rank.

Book Details

  • Forge Books
  • On Sale: 02-01-2001

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