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Grimmy: The Revenge of Grimzilla!

Cover for the book titled as: Grimmy: The Revenge of Grimzilla!
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Who doesn’t get a monster-sized–er–kick out of Grimmy? And now he’s back in a brand-new collection from Pulitzer Prize winner Mike Peters. To his more than 100 million fans, Grimmy is the eponymous hero of Mother Goose and Grimm, the hugely popular comic strip that appears in more than one thousand newspapers nationwide. Grimmy is the bulliest of bull terriers. He’s brash, cocky, highly opinionated, and hilariously urbane. He’s the King of Tut of trashcans. Grimmy thinks a postman is the ideal chew toy. And a cat? Let’s just say he’s no fan of Fifi’s. And his fans wouldn’t have him any other way.

Book Details

  • Tor Books
  • On Sale: 07-14-2000