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How To Save The World

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Outrageous times call for outrageous measures. From the terraforming of Titan to viruses that alter wrongdoers’ DNA, from legalized electronic dueling to contraceptives that select for sex, here is a fistful of provocative, engaging, and above all entertaining tales of Big Science brought to bear on the woes of the world.

Writes Charles Sheffield, “Some of the stories in this book may offend. I certainly hope so.” Larry Niven, James P. Hogan, Jerry Pournelle, Doug Beason, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and a passel of others each take aim at our prejudices and our preconceptions-with surprising results.

“An entertaining set of solutions to civilization’s thornier problems that is guaranteed to both amuse and provoke thought.”–Booklist

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  • Tor Books
  • On Sale: 12-15-1998