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Michael Zammit

The Fifth Horseman

Cover for the book titled as: The Fifth Horseman
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During the worst drought in memory, a ruthless international conspiracy unleashes Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) as weapons of mass destruction. This deadly poison contaminates the vital waters of the Euphrates River, killing thousands and threatening the lives of millions more. Breeding out of control, the mysterious organism spreads rapidly, endangering the water supply of entire nations and raising the horrific prospect of an all-out Mid-East War.

But the world itself is in danger as well, for the lethal organism possesses terrifying capabilities that even its murderous creators didn’t anticipate . . . .
In desperation, the White House summons an expert who patrols the dirtiest, most toxic beat on earth:

environmental detective Dr. Michael Zammit.

Head of the cutting-edge International Environmental Response Team, Zammit has faced both radioactive waste and hired thugs in his tumultuous career, but can he — even with his hand-picked team of scientific masterminds — find a way to save the planet from the greatest threat humanity has ever known?

Book Details

  • Forge Books
  • On Sale: 03-14-2001