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The Final Encyclopedia, Volume Two of Two

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The Childe Cycle, also known as the Dorsai series, is Gordon R. Dickson’s future history of humankind and its ultimate destiny. Now one of its central novels return to print in a two-volume corrected edition.

In The Final Encyclopedia the human race is split into three Splinter cultures: the Friendlies, fanatic in their faith; the truth-seeking Exotics; and the warrior Dorsai. But now humanity is threatened by the power-hungry Others, whose triumph would end all human progress.

Raised to a destiny as humanity’s champion, Hal Mayne must journey deep within his soul to gather the strength he needs to face his ultimate opponent: Bleys Ahrens, the shadowy, powerful leader of the Others. On Hal’s success depends nothing less than the future of the human race…

A towering landmark of future history, The Final Encyclopedia is a novel every SF fan needs to own.

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  • Tor Books
  • On Sale: 12-15-1996