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The Savages

The Savages in Love and War

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The Savages in Love and War is the next installment in Fred Mustard Stewart’s riveting historical saga of a powerful family whose lives are played out at center stage of a new age and whose individual passions and rivalries will influence and shape some of the most memorable events of the twentieth


Young Nick Savage came through the Roaring Twenties poorer but unbroken. He takes on the task of steering the family fortunes and preserving what they have left . . . and of helping his new friend, FDR, help the rest of the country do the same.

Meanwhile, Nick’s sister, Brook, is in Paris, struggling alongside her aristocratic husband to hold on to the dreams of their youth, even as they watch the political storm clouds coming from Germany

threaten all they love.

And in the Far East, the Asian branch of the Savages, stemming from the love between the seafarer Justin Savage and the beautiful Chinese pirate Ching Mei, has come to great wealth and respectability . . . and is trying to keep what has been so carefully built up in the face of the growing power of the Rising Sun.

The various branches of the Savage clan have been flung far and wide, and as the world careens from the excesses of the Jazz Age to the cruel wake-up call of the Depression, from the terrors of one world war and to the start of another global conflict, we follow this family through heartbreak and triumph. As their unique stories are told, we see the history of three continents unfold: a Europe that is exhausted from a devastating world war an Asia that is trying to throw off imperialism, and finally an America poised on the brink of desperation . . . or at the dawn of its greatest power.

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  • Forge Books
  • On Sale: 09-26-2001