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There Came a Stranger

Cover for the book titled as: There Came a Stranger
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Chad Walker doesn’t give a hoot about anyone in Pinto, Texas. Not his wife, not his ranch hands, not even his horse. So when a stranger wanders in to town, everyone at Baldy’s Saloon is shocked when Walker extends a hand, and a job to the mysterious war-torn man.

Adam Dawson is the stranger travelling west through Texas. He’s left the army and his best friend Autie because he’s done with killing, and the two go hand in hand. He fought for years under Autie (everyone else knows him as Custer) and his Wolverines, and he wears the red bandana to prove it.

But blood starts to boil when the stranger comes to town, and blood starts to spill. Dawson finds himself in the middle of a land war and a love war, and nobody but nobody can make Dawson kill again.

In this riveting tale of man versus man, we learn through the fictional eyes of Adam Dawson, about the type of man General Custer was and the type of man Custer wanted to be.

Book Details

  • Forge Books
  • On Sale: 06-02-2001