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Wings of Honor

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After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Augustus Sharps, Jr., of the Sabre Ranch in Arizona, makes his way to Tuskegee, Alabama, where for the first time in history, black men are being trained as combat pilots to fight the war in Europe and the Pacific.

Augustus’s family has been fighting America’s wars since his grandfather rode with Buffalo Soldiers against the Apaches, and since his father fought in Cuba 1898 and in the trenches of the Western Front in World War I, and he is determined to follow their footsteps.

Wings of Honor is the poignant and exciting story of a young man battling the odds to fly with the “Red-Tail Angels,” the 99th U.S. Pursuit Squadron, and how he added to his family’s honor in battles over North Africa, Sicily, and France, in the fury of the Second World War.

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  • Forge Books
  • On Sale: 11-15-1998